Saturday, June 8, 2013

Apartment Sized Wedgewood for Our Outdoor Kitchen

Those of you who have been following for a while will remember that I found our Oasis trailer (which turned into half of the Art Shack Micro House) while perusing the Craig's List posts for a propane stove for my dream outdoor kitchen.
Well, it didn't happen fast. What has it been, like 2 years? But I finally found the stove I had been searching for!

Although I was lucky enough to get this sweetie for under a $100, it did need a lot of fiddling with.
The "Brand new" gas regulator hose was faulty and had to be replaced - $15 at the store.

The burners are very deluxe but need a thorough cleaning to get the inner ring to light.

The oven was way too hot, so I adjusted it. The fine tune adjuster is just under the chrome cap of the oven knob.

 The burners were burning yellow, which is caused by a poor mix of gas and air.  Aside from the fact that this will not heat efficiently, it will also cover pan bottoms with a thick black soot that gets on everything.

 I adjusted the air ratio by opening these air vents.
Which resulted in a nice clean blue flame.

Now for the real test, the Reluctant Homesteader Cookie in the Wilds test.

Supervised by Homestead cookie expert Mr.J
With just a little hovering I got a nice golden batch of Macadamia White Chocolate Cookies.
Mr.J says "Well done! Now give 'em to me."

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  1. You are so intelligent! Most would not know how to make the adjustments and fixes you did! I will have to see the little place one day!


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