Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Micro Guest House Continues

It's been Chilly Willy out here on the Homestead and working outside has been tough. In between sleet and snow we are getting the outside on the Art Shack put together slowly but surely. When it's unbearable or just plain slick and dangerous we move to inside projects.
Since we are using mostly reclaimed and salvaged materials we are saving a lot of $$$$, but it also takes a lot more time to pick through a pile of boards and find just the right one for each aspect of the project.
The Oasis trailer also needs a lot of attention. It was left unloved and uncovered in a Washington rainforest for 4 years before we got it and it has a lot of water damage to deal with before it can be really cozy and clean. 
Even though it is a lot of work we are very excited about the finished project. It's going to be our first truly habitable building on the Homestead since we got here three years ago.
We will keep you posted!



  1. Looks great! I really like the lower woodcovering on the walls..are you putting a woodstove in there? Hehe, I really like it and the deck is cool ,can't wait for the finished product!

  2. EGB, Thanks! We got that tongue and groove wainscoting from our favorite salvage yard, it was laying in a pile in the scrap yard which is why it has all the water marks. I was going to sand them but I kind of like the way they look as is.
    I was going to put in a woodstove at first because of the free fuel factor, but it became very clear that there was no room for a wood stove unless you put it in the center of the room (silly issues like flammable walls). I have purchased a small wall mounted propane heater instead. Although once we got the insulation up, it was amazing how little it took to warm the space beyond comfort. Justa tiny space heater and the body heat of two people mudding the drywall made it t-shirt weather warm in there.


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