Thursday, July 19, 2012

The $18,000 Sandwich, or What We Did For Summer Vacation

We are off on our annual break from Homesteading. Summer vacation. But...

It started off a little more exciting than we wanted. Phoebe ate a Deli sandwich on the drive south and ended up in not one, but two hospitals with a major case of food poisoning.

But we have rallied and have been having an increasingly better time.
Here are few of the sights we have enjoyed this trip.

Crater Lake

Fireworks in Healdsburg, CA

SanFran Naked Man


Grants Pass, OR

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Naughty Homesteaders

Shame on us.

We are living up to our reputation as the Reluctant Homesteaders.

Instead of saving our pennies to buy a tractor, we have higgledy-piggledy-willy-nilly purchased ourselves a couple of old Honda Trail CT90's. Mine is a 1970 and Buck's is a '86.

This summer I mandated that some fun was in order after our long slog this year, so, much to our children's chagrin, we took our trailer on a trip around Oregon and bought his and hers MOTORCYCLES!!!
For those who are not familiar with the beloved Honda CT90, it is an on and off road bike that has an automatic clutch. There is a switch on the transmission which allows you to switch from a very low, off road set of four gears to a high set of four, which are suited to local roads. Top speed for these puppies is 45.
I grew up riding these great old bikes, but Buck is new to the concept. He's already had one hilarious adventure across the road and through the field.
Despite these photos we are being very good about wearing our helmets. We will be taking our Safety Class at the end of the month so that we can ride them on the road.