Thursday, July 19, 2012

The $18,000 Sandwich, or What We Did For Summer Vacation

We are off on our annual break from Homesteading. Summer vacation. But...

It started off a little more exciting than we wanted. Phoebe ate a Deli sandwich on the drive south and ended up in not one, but two hospitals with a major case of food poisoning.

But we have rallied and have been having an increasingly better time.
Here are few of the sights we have enjoyed this trip.

Crater Lake

Fireworks in Healdsburg, CA

SanFran Naked Man


Grants Pass, OR


  1. Oh my goodness, I hops she's better!!!

  2. Not a good start for a vacation! But good she is now better. And I am glad you had a good time and enjoyed so much beauty.

  3. holy crow..I hope Phoebe is on the way to recovery..so I assume the $18000 was for medical and the food poisoning was not caused by arsenic in the solid gold loaf of bread?..it is times like this that I am glad that Canada has free medical care..

    the trip pictures look great!..really nice shots of those redwoods!


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