Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Outdoor Kitchen

Remember that old rusty sink I pulled out of the woods?
 And that apartment sized, propane stove I bought and repaired?

 Well, I painted and reinforced the inside of the sink.

 Then I plumbed some water to it.
 And put up a mirror for shaving and stuff.

Then I filled the back gap in the porch with an old panel from a sliding glass door to reduce the windchill.
 I put up some shelves and art. Remember it's called the "Art Shack"!

Then I screwed an old rusty commercial cookie sheet to the wall to protect the wood from any grease and flames.
It's a pretty tiny space to cook in, but it works just fine because of the layout.

 And I don't need a vent fan. Even when I fry bacon.
My new outdoor kitchen, just outside my door!