Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Newest Homesteader

We have a new addition to our family here at the Homestead, Mr. J.

He was a "rescue" when he was adopted by some good friends of ours. That was back when they were child free...

Then this guy  came along and Mr. J was not so happy about the new family dynamic. Especially when baby became mobile.

By that time we had bonded with Mr. J and so he has come to live with us.

He was kind of worried for a month or two. I think he had a pretty sad life back before he was adopted by our friends. He was very afraid of riding in a car. I think maybe he had been dumped from a car.

We have been taking him for short, fun rides every day for a couple of months now. I've been feeding him lots of treats in the car and he has gone from running away when I get my car keys out (then throwing up from anxiety), to enjoying a car trip to San Francisco and jumping into the car when I ask him to.
We are having a great time with him and I think he is having a good time with us.

And he is fitting right in with our City Dogs Gone Wild program here at the Homestead.

In fact when the farrier came to trim the horses hooves, Mr. J wasn't
sure about the hoof trimmings until Mr. B began grabbing them up. Then Mr. J was right in there grabbing up the

amazingly stinky and wonderful chew treats. I do not let these guys kiss me on the face, that's for sure.


  1. I did not realize dogs liked horse hoof!
    I am glad to hear the little guy is now happy!

  2. Horse hoof chewies....heck, why not! My chickens LOVE goat hoof chewies....although they don't so much chew on them as gobble them up immediately. Ick.


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