Friday, December 31, 2010

Hay House

New Year's Eve feels like a fitting time to look back on the year's accomplishments.  I think one of our successes this year will pay dividends for years to come.
(Click on the photos to see them larger.)
 The old hay barn on top of the hill was not going to make it through another winter.  We had to either kiss it goodbye, or save it. 
 Phoebe's great uncle and his family had lived in the building at one time, so it had value as more than a barn.
 It was still standing this summer because of one 2X4 Phoebe had jammed into a corner last winter. There were no posts or beams used in the construction; the roof rested on the walls.  And there was not much wall left.
 We did not have a lot of disposable cash at the time, but we could not let it go.  So we undertook, not a restoration, but maybe a rehabilitation.
 With the help of our friend and carpenter,
Handy Hank, we took off the parts that were not helping, shored up the decent bits, and tied it all back together.
 Now it stands straighter and sags less.  It has big beams and many posts.
 It will take the wind and rain, store hay and lumber.  It gives us a real place to park our imaginary tractor.
It is solid, practical, and finished.  We are proud of and happy with it.
A couple of Phoebe's design ideas really paid off.  We took the tin from the roof and used it on the walls.  Her idea to run it horizontally gives the building a great look.  And her decision to use Suntuf polycarbonite panels around the top of the walls lets in a lot of light.  Even in the sodden December gloom, there is still enough light inside to do what needs be done.

The completion of the Hay House moves us one step closer to bringing large animals up to the property.  More on that soon...


  1. Wow that is an amazing transformation.

  2. Thanks Robin. We are very proud of it, and really happy to have a nice, dry place to store things. No hay yet, but it has our log splitter and lumber stack. And it is a fabulous place to dry out soggy tarps.

    Happy new year to you and Lee!


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