Monday, December 6, 2010

A Great Morning

I had a great morning today. The sun came out and everything seemed magical in the golden glow of the low winter sun. I loved my tea cup even more than usual.

My banana bread turned out better than I had hoped. (I had forgotten to add the soda and didn't remember until I put it in the oven, Doh!)

I went out to check on the Women's Honey Cooperative and they were feeling very happy about the magical sunshine also. I took the roof off and refilled their syrup jar. They were glad to see that too.

 I decided to get to work on some seeds I have been drying in the outbuilding. These Amish Cranberry Beans are just a treasure to hold and behold. I played with them for a long time, like a kid with a button collection.

 Fennel seed

Then I finished mulching the garden. It's a nice feeling to know I won't have too many weeds next spring.

Any list of good things will include my daily cappuccino. Everyone came to join me on my coffee break, including the bees.


  1. "Women's Honey Cooperative", LOL, I love it! Great photos, I'm inspired to go finish mulching my fall garden (what hasn't been lost in the hard freeze that is.) I wonder too, if I could grow those cranberry beans in my part of the south. We love dried beans but I've stuck with southern standbys so far. Also, I'm envious of your fennel seed! My fennel didn't even bother to germinate this year.

  2. Leigh, I'm sorry your fennel didn't germinate. I love putting fennel bulb in stews and soups. I got tired of paying $3 each and started growing my own.
    As far as the Cranberry beans go, I had such a small crop because of the terrible summer weather this year, what you see is all I got. I have no idea how they taste! I will hopefully get a better crop next year. I got them from Amishland seeds in Pennsylvania


    She grows all of her seeds herself.

  3. Those cranberry beans are beautiful. My mom loves beans and is always trying new varieties. She had to get tough with herself last year and stop buying new ones to plant.


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