Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Boy and His Chicken

Or rather, a boy and his CHICKEN!!!  The boy in question, who we'll call Mr. B., is a Very Good Dog.  And he loves his CHICKEN!!!
Phoebe found the first of these chickens almost a year ago.  Mr. B. fell in love instantly, and the CHICKEN!!! became a constant companion.  No walk is complete without the CHICKEN!!! in his mouth.  No job is more important than throwing the CHICKEN!!!.  No work is properly executed without Mr. B. standing over the CHICKEN!!!, staring at us, staring, staring, pleading with his eyes...THROW THE CHICKEN!!!
The CHICKEN!!! has a friend, the Monkey.  Not being made of water-and-dirt-repelling plastic, the Monkey does not look her best in the winter.  However, for the other dog, the Monkey is still the toy of choice.  Neither dog cares much for the other's toy.
We just celebrated our 9th year with Mr. B..  Our other house is on the edge of town, next to a large field.  Mr. B. was dumped there just before Thanksgiving.  He was very reluctant
to be caught, until a piece of Ciff Bar was proffered.  He looked at the bite, at me, and made a decision.  He jumped in the front seat of the car, and from then on, was our dog.

He showed definite signs of having had a rough life up to that point.  It took him a while to get in sync with his new life, but he tried really hard, and is now a Very Good Dog.  He is key to our life here, and we are very grateful to have him.
So, here is to Mr. B. and his CHICKEN!!!  May we all have many more years together.

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  1. That is so cute. We only have boring hard rubber toys here as Aggie destroys anything that is stuffed or to flimsy.


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