Monday, November 15, 2010

Sounds Day and Night

We have been working hard here at the homestead, clearing brush and patching roofs, but we still try to take the time to stand still and listen once in a while. The perception of "being in the middle of nowhere" is that it is quiet. It is not. There are always creatures filling the air with chatter. As the day goes on, the sounds change. The birds sing different songs in the evening than they do in the morning and different kinds of wildlife take the night shift.

 The "children's moon" from the other night.



  1. I do envy your remote location. Our house is (conveniently) only 4 miles from town, but one side of the property borders a somewhat important road. It has only occasional cars at night, but it can be noisy during the day. Even still, I know what you mean. Some early mornings here sound like you are living in a jungle if a big flock of birds decided to nest in one of Doug firs and are waking up. At night, we regularly hear owls hooting.

    I love the moon picture. I've never thought to take one in that lighting before.

  2. Hi Lee!
    Owls make so many different kinds of sounds too. Not just the whooo whooo. I want to take the time and learn them all this winter.
    We are a 1/4 mile from any road but don't get too envious, we get to hear log trucks using their "jake brakes" in the wee hours- because, heck, their in the middle of nowhere...
    I was a little shocked at how much detail shows on that moon shot too. I had never even bothered trying to take a photo of the moon before- I never expected it to turn out!


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