Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Grub and a Tip

Two items to follow up my Stumped post:
First, check out this huge grub that was living under the stump.  It was almost 3 inches long.  Kinda cool, kinda creepy.
And the tip.  A while ago, I took a chain from my saw in to get sharpened.  The guy at the counter looked at the teeth and pronounced it worn down too far to put an edge on it.  He suggested keeping it as a utility chain for working in the dirt.  Nothing dulls a chain faster than hitting dirt, but with a dull chain like that, you can work in the dirt without fear.

I once had a huge Pampas Grass plant to take out.  The roots were a solid mass. I carved them up with the chainsaw into roughly foot square pieces, and pried them out.  Using a dull chain was so much better than trying to do it with a shovel or an axe.

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