Friday, April 17, 2015

The Real House

Work continues on the Real House. I had it in my mind to get most of the work done a few months ago, but life doesn't often work that way.

That's OK though, we keep plugging along.

It is not a palace by any means at 850 square feet, but it will be a huge step up for people who have been living in an 8 x 12 Micro House. Eight times bigger.

The final plumbing of fixtures, the kitchen counter (still looking for just the right tile) and the finishing of the bathroom need to be done before we can move in.

Oh, and a little drywall here and there.

And we still have a tarp for roofing.

The tin is here,

but the roof is not ready for it. The weather has not cooperated with our schedule yet. But the tarps are not leaking.

We've finished laying the flooring. I put down radiant barrier under all the flooring and the difference in heat retention in the house is dramatic. I did this as an experiment on the Art Shack and found it to be a true success.

 I have nearly finished the slate hearth, so the downstairs can be heated soon with my Craig's List wood stove.
We have been shoving this stove from room to room so we can work around it for 3 years. Not an easy thing to do, since it weighs 375 pounds.

Our "Black Friday" purchased appliances finally arrived 2 months late because of a Longshoreman strike.
Lots still to be done really. But this is the fun part of doing a house. We finally get to see all our plans and scrounged materials go in place. I am sooo excited!


  1. Keep plugging along! Weather looks good now so maybe the roof can finally be done!! How old is the home? Tell Aubra HI

  2. Wow, it's BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL! You live in paradise!

    From what I hear, palaces are over-rated. Your house is a perfect size. I love all your little details.

    I can't say enough about radiant barrier. We put it behind our drywall and were dumbfounded by the increase in heat retention. It's an often overlooked and misunderstood step in proper efficiency.

    The slate hearth is wonderful. I imagine you'll breathe a sigh of relief when you finally get your wood stove into place.

    Hope the weather cooperates with your roofing plans.

    Cheers from Montreal!


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