Friday, June 8, 2012

Beauty Is In the Details

The "Art Shack" Micro House project continues.

I ended up using some "click lock" laminate we already owned, on the floor. It's very practical and I like the way it looks against the rustic wood.
Instead of having insulation under the building, which would inevitably end up full of mice or squirrels, I laid the flooring over that space-blanket-bubble-wrap stuff they sell in rolls for other kinds of insulating.

 I don't think any manufacturer would recommend this, but I did it anyway and it worked fantastically. It has a little more koosh than normal underlayment, but it made the floor a lot warmer than it was without it. I was worried about the flooring flexing too much and coming "unlocked" but after a month of use there has been no sign of any such malfunction.

That's the fun of doing a project like this. The worst that could happen is I would have to take up the flooring and re-lay it. About two hours worth of work. The small scale of it all makes it so easy to take chances and experiment.

These light fixtures were a birthday present from my super cool mother-in-law, who wholeheartedly supports anything called an "Art Shack".
I had a long debate about the best light bulb for the fixtures.
Edison bulb, which was so cool to look at, but was better at making heat than light.

Standard bulb, which was making me see dots everywhere, like a camera flash
Half Chrome bulb, Juuusst right.
I decided on the "Half Chrome" which were much easier on the eyes.

I put together these unrelated Ikea items to make a desk area. Its a shelf with drawers, mounted over what is actually a shoe cabinet.

I bought these adjustable bar stools from Overstock dot com. They are actually very comfortable and have a very small footprint on the floor. They also don't take up a lot of space visually.

Buck and I have actually been staying in the Oasis / Art Shack now and then to test it out and every time we do, it gets more comfortable and fun.
I move the furniture around a lot and add and subtract items. I think I am getting close to a comfortable mix of Ikea, salvage and thrift store coziness.

The dogs have had an adjustment period too. They were sleeping in the Art Shack
but then they discovered a major Doggie feature in the Oasis trailer. It is the spacious, never-get-stepped-on-in-the-middle-of-the-night Dog Cabinet under the Human bed. 
They really love hanging out in there. It is just a little weird to wake up in the middle of the night to Mrs. B snoring under my pillow.


  1. hehe, too cool. that is no shack anymore! Our dogs avoid getting stepped on in the middle of the night by sleeping in our bed with us after we go to sleep..much to my chagrin.

  2. Hilarious! I love the doggy cupboard. You've really done a nice job with the art shack. I like your "thinking out of the box" approach to design. Love the lamp and your choice of bulb. Beauty IS in the details!


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