Friday, August 5, 2011

Road Work

This is not my usual homestead view.  But for the last several months, it has been as usual as home for me.

I work freelance, on a project by project basis, and this year has been delightfully, exceptionally busy.  So, the whole making money thing? Yep.  Happy homesteading? Not so much.

I am back now, and trying to get into the swing of things here.  I had been practicing a special zen vision technique; I see and appreciate the hard work Phoebe has been doing, and avoid seeing the things I wish I was doing.  Now I need to re-develop the ability to see projects, build some calluses onto my hands and get back to work.


Phoebe has the homestead looking great, with a fabulous garden, happy hives and horse, coffee a-roasting, grass a-mowing, chickens a-raising.  All of my stuff sits as I left it 4 months ago: Wood stacked, waiting to be split.  Pasture almost finished. Old fencing piled up waiting to be recycled.

And, fortunately, the phone continues to ring.

So I need to adopt an attitude of gratitude: to Phoebe for keeping the world spinning, and to the universe for making the phone ring. 

Thank you.

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  1. That is good you have lots of work even though it takes you away. Lee wishes he was a man of leisure but alas we have to pay the bills somehow.


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