Friday, August 26, 2011

Fledglings and Plant Predators

So as you may remember, Invisibird had two families "in the oven" so to speak, when we last checked in. Well, shortly after I posted, the first family stealthily vamoosed and then, a week ago, family number two silently fledged. Do you think I saw them, even though I checked in about every half hour? ( I mean, what could be cuter than the babies of a tiny bird?)
Even though the babies made a racket of disproportionate scale for their minuteness while in the nest, they could not just hang around outside it and sit on the fence for a minute or two while they practiced being birds. No, they took after their father and stayed invisible, right out the door and into the woods without a peep.

So I took a picture of the nest for you instead.
Click to Supersize

Remember the herb bed I put in? Well, it's doing great. The deer haven't bothered anything in it except the eggplant- I guess I know now that deer do like eggplants. The chickens on the other hand have decided that despite the fact that Rhubarb leaves are considered poisonous, they rather enjoy their crispy texture and tangy flavor.

And if I was suspecting that the deer weren't bothering the herb bed because they were just worried about of the close proximity of:
I was flat out wrong, because they stood IN my herb bed and ate the tops off of our grafted fruit trees that were inside the garden but leaning against the fence.

It's a good thing I'm not a lion tamer. Predicting the behavior of the mild and meek around here is hard enough.


  1. ..wow, there is more twigs than I would have expected in that birdhouse!..too bad about the deer..

    I have a crapload of end pieces from my flooring..perhaps some birdhouses are in order!

  2. I was very surprised at the twig sizes in that bird house. The birds are so tiny, I am not sure how they got those sticks in there. Then on top of all that is just a tiny nest of feathers and spider webs and such, very fun to watch.
    You would definitely enjoy making bird houses. I saw your railing project.

  3. Those are big twigs. I am impressed also. Animals are so weird in their behavior sometimes. Go figure.


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