Sunday, April 6, 2014


I spent years and years wandering the hills around the Homestead while growing up.
I sat quietly on top of old growth stumps while deer walked unsuspectingly below.
I army-crawled up to small creeks so I wouldn't spook the Cutthroat trout that was lurking in a shallow pool.
I slithered down rabbit trails to hunt for Quail.

And during all of these stealth activities, I have NEVER seen Elk at the Homestead.

But last week, I found an entire herd of Elk crossing the road that runs behind the Homestead.

That explained the GIANT "deer" hoof print we saw in the mud near the hay barn last week. I have asked my father what he thinks about their sudden appearance. He thinks it is a sign of over population in the higher elevations. It seems odd to have an overpopulation right now. It might have more to do with habitat changes like logging. At any rate they are such an awesome animal to see around. As big as a large horse, the lead male "Bull" looked as perfect as a Disney film.


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  1. I heard that large amounts of elk and other animals have been exiting Yellowstone but that is a bit far. They think it is because there has been a lot of seismic activity there and I hear some has been happening at Mt. Hood. Makes ya wonder.


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