Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Year Fashion Trends

This years Homestead Fashions are almost all we can think about, aside from shoveling sh!& and keeping the pipes from freezing. Unfortunately neither the New York Times nor the Gentleman's Quarterly have bothered to cover this niche of farmer fashion. We resent this because we have a very sophisticated sense of current trends here at the Homestead.

First and foremost, the outfit must address function as well as form.

Let's not pretend that Buck won't look dapper in every outfit he sports this year. He has an uncanny sense of style and when it comes accessories, like this fetching Weed Wrench slung casually over one shoulder, he balances form with function with great taste.

He is, after all, a Major Model of a Homesteader Professional.


Please note that at the core of his wardrobe is that one essential plaid shirt which goes with anything and pulls any outfit together with real Homesteader panache.

As in other years, the rugged distressed duct tape look is making a strong statement on the Homestead.

Even the four-leggeds are sporting Duct tape accessories on the runaway.


And for those who now feel inspired to build a Homesteader fashion trend for themselves...
Don't forget that you can never have too many hats, gloves


and mud-caked shoes.

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  1. LOL Love this witty post. And now I see they sell duct tape in colors and designs!!! I can just see a zebra striped duct tape on that jacket and he's ready for the modeling runway!!!


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