Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mid-Winter Update

Our winter has been very mild so far. Tonight is expected to be the coldest yet this year, with a low of 22. It is probably the 5th night this year to dip below freezing.

In some parts of the country it might sound like I am bragging, but those people might not be too quick to trade their cold days with clear skies for our gray and overcast.

Be that as it may, we are doing fine here. Our wood pile is still strong, and a bit of wind last month has insured that we will be fine next year too.

It did not seem that windy that night, but this 100' tall Doug Fir snapped. Fortunately, it landed where no damage was done. In fact, it is in a pretty convenient place: just next to the burn pile, and easily accessed with the trailer. The small branches and fuzzy bits go on the pile, and the rest will stacked and split there, and hauled to town next fall.
And what is this? Another contribution to the wood pile? Why, thank you. 

The downwind fork split off this tree. It took out part of an old fence, but did no real damage. Between the two of them, that is just about enough wood for next year. And it is only January.
The loafing shed is doing great in its first full winter. Two horses enjoy it daily. Gotta keep up on the shoveling, as a dry, wind-free area encourages them to pile it all up in the same place, but that kinda makes it convenient for removal.
Phoebe is a huge fan of stall mats, and not just for stalls. Once we determined where the horses would spend the most time, we put down mats. Even when the horses track mud on them, or low spots hold rainwater, it is still so much better than the muck they would be standing in.

Stall mats are not cheap, but they make a huge difference in mud control in the winter. The horses appreciate it, and we feel better about their situation when they have a good roof over their heads and a nice place to stand.


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