Sunday, April 22, 2012


I told Phoebe I could do a post in just 6 words but I think I can do it in 4. Here goes:

The mowing. THE MOWING!
It is that special time of year in the NW when the grass grows 4-6 inches in a week. If you don't stay on it, you get buried by it. Between our two places, I imagine we mow a couple of acres.
At both places we use Snapper walk-behind mowers, the kind with rear wheel drive. We have had a few over the years, and have found them to be excellent mowers. 

Several times a year, we long for a tractor. But we are not yet ready to spend the money. There is a lot we could do with one, between the blackberries, brush, mowing and landscaping projects, but so far, the mowers are getting us through. Phoebe looks at it as her aerobic exercise.

A riding lawn mower sounds attractive some times too, but the ground is so rough I think it would be a miserable ride.
I used to be the primary mower, but that is no longer the case. At our town property, where these photos were taken, my father-in-law does most of it. I feel bad sometimes, having a man in his 80s do what used to be my mowing, but he sees it as a way to contribute. I really appreciate his effort, and I try to jump in when I can.

And at the Homestead, Phoebe has been doing almost all the mowing. I must say, it is really nice to show up and see the place looking neat and tidy.
I am curious about other parts of the country. How is the grass growing where you live? Is it crazy fast like here, or more moderate? Tractor, riding, push, or goats?
And do your apple trees look this pretty right now?


  1. This spring we have mowed the grass twice in West Virginia. We have a riding lawnmower that was purchased from Home Depot for $800 (leftover models from last summer). We have hilly terrain here so if we had a walker mower we'd be going to the chiropractor a lot more which doesn't make sense. Many parts of our yard that the previous homeowner mowed has been left to grow wild because we really don't need all that grass short. Our biggest reason for having the grass short in some areas is so we can see snakes and throw a football once in awhile.

    Oh! And our apple trees are babies so no blooms for awhile. Your trees look exquisite!

    1. Hi Holly. We have several areas we have let go fallow. Even at our town house, we have a place we call the meadow, where we don't mow. Like you, we just don't need all the grass short. And there is plenty to mow with out it.

      It is nice having the big apple trees. They are getting old and don't always bear, but they always bloom beautifully.

  2. Every spring is different. Last year, we had a really warm and wet spring, and it did grow 4-6" per week, so it was a challenge to get the grass mowed between showers. Last year we also purchased a JD riding mower, which simplified things immensely. We still use a Maine-built Eastman push-mower in certain parts, the new little JD tractor for general mowing, and the large JD with the bush-hog for more gnarly areas. (I can't believe we own 3 mowers, but there you have it!)

    We had a warm snap in mid-March that got things growing, but now we're back into a major cold snap so things have slowed down again, more typical for our area. All that to say, we're planning on getting the mowers out over the next week or so, and thus the season begins...mowing is always a big production and takes an entire day between the two of us.

    I do have one blooming tree right now - for the life of me, I can't remember what it is - I think it's a crabapple, but don't quote me. Hopefully in two weeks' time we'll be harvesting our first asparagus, but we need a few warm days first. It's 32F or 0C this morning, so growth is very slow.

    There's nothing like looking over a groomed area, is there? Even if some pasture remains long, I like it when borders and paths are kept short and trimmed. It makes me feel like we're accomplishing something.

    1. I am envious of your JD tractor. We have yet to take the plunge and get a tractor, so all we have are the walk behind mowers. Phoebe does a great job of keeping them running, and extolls the virtue of all exercise we get. I know there is a lot more we could be doing with a tractor, but since I don't even have time to contribute to the mowing as much as I would like, I am content to follow her lead on this.

      I am with you on the satisfaction of nicely trimmed borders and paths. It feels like there is order in the world, and an easy way to get from there to there.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Eagergridlessbeaver says he's having a problem posting so I will relay his comment: "I think I 'mowed' our lawn 2-3 times last year..it will be a month
    before the grass is that long here..one of the good things about being
    in a cold region..and YES..your apple trees look amazing. We have been
    looking at getting 3-4 apple/crabapple trees but then we remember we
    need to level off our land before we plant trees again..by the way I
    have been back on here but I am usually unable to post a
    comment..sorry! place looks great!"

    1. Hello Mr Gridless. Sorry for the comment trouble. Phoebe tried some different settings and was not able to find a satisfactory solution.

      I have never lived in a cold region, so reading your blog is an education. I think you are made of heartier stuff than me, by far!

  4. We have been mowing like crazy here too. In fact I didn't finish before the rains hit so I will be at it again this weekend. We also have mower you have to walk behind. I look at it as exercise too.

    1. I can picture you, racing the rain like we do, trying to get the grass cut before it is too soggy. Hopefully we will get out of the rainy season soon, but it is hard to tell this year. It is not raining today, at least, and any dry day this time of year is lovely!


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