Friday, November 18, 2011

The Running of the Chickens

Just in case anyone has been wondering what it is like to have 46 chickens free ranging around the Homestead, I just thought I'd give you little taste of the mild chaos that occurs at dinner time around here. Of course it is not a forever thing since 23 of these chickens are headed for the freezer at the end of November, so I find it funny. Not something I would want to deal with all the time though.
Mr. B adores his new task of herding the Meaty Chicks into their pen for the night.

Mrs. B pretends to not care, but surprisingly just happens to be in the right place at the right time to nudge the odd wayward chicken into the door. She is also much more determined than Mr. B when it comes to getting a chicken out of the thick brush. When Mr. B gives up on a chicken lost in the brush, I implore for Mrs. B's help. She plods into the brush and a minute later out shoots a chicken.

No one who has known Mr. B or Mrs. B all these years, would have ever suspected they had a secret talent for herding chickens. Hurting chickens, Sure! But herding? No way.

 Well, they don't care what ya'll think. Tha'r Farm Dawgs now.


  1. I enjoy the blog. I have been to your home for an apple cider press party, invited over by Aubra. I brought 4 jugs to fill and I got something you dubbed mystery cider. MMMM! It was so delicious. Do you still do the cider making???

  2. the dogs are cute..cute working dogs that is. these chickens are going in the freezer this month? they seem small unless the vids were taken before...like I am some sort of chicken whisperer or something! Our chickens free-ranage too..and like to sit on our steps to await treats..which I hate...ever since we got our second pup that stopped..GOOD! hehe

  3. Hi Rose! I'm glad you have good memories from the apple pressing. We haven't had one in a while because of the wet springs the last couple of years. The trees haven't been getting pollinated, so not many apples. Welcome to our Homestead. All of our apple trees are babies here so it will be a while before we can have an apple pressing, but we are really looking forward to it.

    EGB, They are cute aren't they? You are correct in guessing we took the pics about 5 weeks ago. But I have to say this batch of chickens are not growing like I had hoped either. There are also several different sizes which makes it tough to decide when to take them in.
    That's great that your pup keeps the steps clear. I hate stepping in poo. To get our chickens to stop waiting on the steps I started tricking them. When I had scraps or treats I would walk out to the pen and set them on the roof for later. Then when I came from elsewhere later that day with my hands empty and fed them the scraps, they stopped thinking I was going to feed them every time I came out of the trailer. And they stopped sitting on the steps.It's a little like training gold fish. Tiny brains.


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