Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Good Fire

It is a very nice thing when the first day of burn season comes one day before the end of the dry weather. 
We had such a day this year.  It had rained a bit, then summer gave it one more go. After another week of fine weather, the burn pile was all dried up again.  It was sprinkling as the fire burned, but not so much as to dampen its enthusiasm.

I find a good cleansing burn to be very satisfying.  The debris gets removed and I get to make big fire.  Mmmm.

As I have said before, I have been so busy with work-work that I have not been able to do homestead-work.  Phoebe does an excellent job of keeping the place moving forward, so I was not missed in that sense.   What I missed was putting on my boots and work pants and getting some stuff done.  
Phoebe's projects are not all my projects, and vicey-versa.  I have a pasture fence to finish. I have wood to split for this winter, and more to cut for next year.  And I really enjoy doing it.  So I am happy to have a little time to get back into it.

And then, the phone rang.  Work called again.  I am so grateful when that happens, and embrace it heartily and humbly.  And I am a little disappointed that my time will be spent working elsewhere.


  1. LOL...that was a nice exit. My husband uses that excuse all the time, but I'm on to him, and he knows it.

    Getting a burn pile cleaned up is a good feeling though, I do agree. Progress and clean-up is nice.

  2. We just had our first outdoor fire a few days ago. It's rather weird, but I find it rather enjoyable. I'm glad you are staying busy with work. :)


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