Monday, September 12, 2011

Grooming Products of My Ancestors

Walking the dogs out in the woods is always an adventure. I just never know what we will be discovering.
Take the other day for instance. I was walking in the back woods, admiring the moss and ferns, when a bit of green glass caught my eye. I dug around the roots of a Fir tree and found an old 7 Up bottle. I dug a little more and found several more cans and bottles. It was an old dump site. Not exactly Pioneer Days judging by the hair products. They were super fun to read though.


  1. ..must have been quite a while ago..people must have been pretty stupid to wash thier hair with dirt!

    hehe..yeah, I know. Cool bottles!

  2. Do you have plans for those bottles? There are probably some cool home brews you could fill them with. People pay money for those antique bottles. What a find!



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