Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Trailer

We love our trailer.  We debated getting a pickup, but we both do more driving than hauling.  And we will frequently end up with more than one passenger.  And in the NW, an uncovered bed is not so good for wet weather hauling and a canopy is not so versatile.
 So a few years ago Phoebe found this little trailer on Craigslist.  It tracks easily behind our Subarus, is easy to load, and can carry a surprising amount of stuff.  She added the uprights when we were moving large doors.
It seems to work best with less than 1000lbs loaded into it.  Any more and our little cars struggle a little to much.  The trailer does not have brakes, so our car must do all the slowing and stopping.  Too much weight, as we have found, does not feel comfortable when it comes to stopping. 
We have hauled wood, scrap metal to recycle, garbage to the dump, hay, furniture, appliances, fence poles and wire.  We help folks move.  It has gates on both ends, and when they are removed, 16' lumber rides just fine.  It is light enough to move by hand.

Someday, I can see getting a truck, but for now, we love our trailer. 


  1. We have a truck but its hilariously funny how much we use our little car as one. Lee is always putting 2x4s, pipes, pavers, you name it and it's been in our car. Our truck only goes to the dump on the rare occasion or the home improvement store for big loads. A little trailer like yours would be awesome to have as our truck gets terrible gas mileage.

  2. I got a trailer 2 years ago, just before Mr. P. moved in to my household. Do I ever wish I had done it 10 years earlier? YES. I drive a van (kidmobile) and we have to ensure we don't overload that lovely trailer, but it has helped us move in Mr. P. and has hauled so many loads of soil. gravel. dirt. lumber. Recycling. trash. garden refuse to the compost. 5 gallon buckets full of llama manure. I love love love my trailer, it means we go get stuff that we see. one day we were driving home from the compost dropoff (of stuff we can't handle in our urban lot) and saw a bale of hay dumped at the side of the road. I pulled over, the kids and Mr. P and I got out, pulled on our handy gloves, crossed the highway, got the hay, and all 4 of us marched back across the highway with it. Magic.


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