Monday, January 24, 2011

Ode to My Silvery Friend

Oh, my delight
your silvery skin doth reflect the light
of moon, sun
or lantern
you are the answer to my plight
you alone can requite
my need to plug, mend or fasten

As you unreel from your cardboard round
twisting, turning, yearning
to rejoin yourself and be forever bound
you hiss a sound
known to all of your lovers

the ripping, thrumming, exhilarating err

of one who can fix, affix, sooth and secure
a box to a stick
a pick to its handle
a shoe to its very

Thee to none shall I compare
Duct tape, you are the answer
to all
of my



June's version of an iPod case. I guess it's hereditary...


  1. Hahahha. We actually don't use duct tape that much but I loved all your uses for it. :D


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