Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seeing things differently

It is not an unusual sight in the summer to see huge swaths of thistles; five feet tall, in full bloom, getting ready to spread their seed to insure an abundant crop next year.

What was unusual was my second reaction to them.

My first reaction was, as usual, to get out the weed whacker and knock them down. But then I noticed the bees.

Our honey bees were happily buzzing around them, loading up on pollen and nectar. So now I saw the thistles as a pest and a source of yummy food for our hive. And I like our bees and want them to thrive, so I can't just whack down a nice food source.
So I will put it off for now, and try to find a window after the flowers wilt but before all of the seeds drop. And if I miss that window, I guess that means more yummy thistles for the bees next summer.


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