Thursday, June 17, 2010

More fencing

Back to putting in fence posts. We have about 6 inches of nice topsoil, then we get into the rocks. Not big rocks, but persistent. Makes gardening and fence building challenging, but provides good drainage and, I hope, stable poles.

These are the rocks that came from this hole.

I am only going down about 26 inches. I hope that is enough, with all the rock, to hold things steady.

I put the native rock back in, and use gravel to pack the post tight, tamping it down solid. The most useful tool is a 5' long steel pry bar, with a pointed end and a flat end. We call it the bonger. It can break apart the rock, pry it loose, and pack it back in.Another corner finished.

I accidentally made the distance between two other posts slightly more than 8 feet, so I need to go the farm store, get a 10 foot pole for the horizontal brace and cut it down. Rats! I need more gravel too. Tomorrow I should finish the wooden posts.


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